Poetry – “Putin’s Invasion” by Bernice Marie-Daly

Satellite imagery of Ukraine

Putin's Invasion - by Bernice Marie-Daly

The trouble is that Presence loves unconditionally 
and we do not.
And we don’t want to;
and we don’t want to admit we don’t want to.

We are afraid to learn to love even though we know
that all we seek is the fullness of Love.

To love Putin and all of his surrounding oligarchs,
filled with self-justifications, fears and pain.

To love all those young Russian men ordered to kill young Ukrainian men who will kill young Russian men.

To love US and NATO and EU and peoples from all countries providing arsenals and humanitarian aid.

To love all spiritual warriors as they pursue, with dignity and respect – not vengeance and animosity or arrogance – all that needs to die.

To love the women, isolated and defenseless, courageously guarding their neighbors and families; their children, their babies, their pets.

To love all demonstrators, especially those from Russia, and all others from around the world, protesting this needless war.

There is no ‘them’ — there is only us.
Us – we – create inequities and then decide who is worthy.

Bernice Marie-Daly © February, 2022