Reflections on Interspirituality

I was excited to think about how areas of scientific inquiry alongside Ecstatic Trance Posture practice might work together.  This blog entry is really a way for me to continue exploring the question of how the Ecstatic Trance Posture might work together to open our mythic imagination as we continue to learn more about our deep connection with all of life and with this amazing Universe from which we all come. How might the postures help us explore a more heartfelt, embodied connection with all of life?

In the following series of slides, I’ll be exploring how Chanukah might be reinterpreted from a larger cosmological perspective.

Greater Truths lay awaiting discovery at this fragile foundation on which life seemingly balances…

Poetry - "She Who Is, Is Not"

by Bernice Marie-Daly

She is not the first cause or unmoved mover. She is not a separate being who lives somewhere else. She is not a being who loves. She is not the creator of the Universe. She is not a being we can talk about or identify in any way. She does not exist… 

Poetry - "Putin's War" by Bernice Marie-Daly

The trouble is that Presence loves unconditionally and we do not.
And we don’t want to; and we don’t want to admit we don’t want to.
We are afraid to learn to love even though we know that all we seek is the fullness of Love…