Love is What Matters

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Lovingkindness (Chesed)

Now in this fourth day of the Counting of the Omer, a Jewish traditional practice of 49 days of reflection on the fundamental forces present in our Universe, I felt inspired this morning to write down what I heard from an early morning dream, the simple phrase that “Love is the fundamental force of this Universe.” Could this be so? Perhaps that is why our Rabbis encourage us to start this period of reflection by contemplating Chesed, “Lovingkindness”:

What if it turns out that the most fundamental force of the Universe is Love?
Will that knowledge turn out to slow or stop this maddening rush of consumerism plaguing us humans on Earth?
Will it be able to change the heart of all Pharoahs wearing infinite forms of bondage and oppression?
Will it unleash the child in us to be free once and for all to dance, sing, delight and feel awe again for life?
Will Particle Physicists proclaim this singularity of Love to be a sufficient explanation for all other forces in our Universe?

Gravity is the attractive force binding our Solar System together.
The Electro Magnetic Force holds together each atom,
The Strong and Weak Forces bind and repel within the nuclear core,
holding both proton and neutron.
But it is Love that makes this world matter.

by Brian Tucker (4/20/22)


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  1. Perhaps that’s why gravity is so little understood by us. Science is looking in all the wrong places, when the heart holds the key…

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