What’s being born in you?

In these uncertain pandemic times, both environmentally, culturally, and geo-politically, this “Sleeping Lady” posture helps me remember to seek greater connection with Earth for guidance and support. The uncertainty I’m experiencing in life is a kind of darkness, not too unlike the darkness encountered in the subterranean Hypogeum burial pit where all that is unessential to a Soul is stripped away.

Chanukah and Cosmogenesis – Day 1

“Our present difficulty is that we envisage the universe simply in its physical dimensions. We have lost the awareness that the universe has from the beginning been a psychic-spiritual as well as material-physical reality. It has taken the entire course of the evolutionary process for the universe to find its expression in the florescence of living forms and in the various modes of consciousness that are manifested throughout Earth.”

On Interspirituality and Shaping a New Worldview

(Note: This piece of writing is adapted from a presentation given to the Cuyamungue Institute on 8/16/20 as part of a Sunday Lecture Series. The full presentation is available on YouTube (click here to view). As a person raised in the Jewish faith, but a seeker of spiritual truth across multiple traditions (thus interspiritual), I’ve …

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