“She Who Is, Is Not”

Poetry and image by Bernice Marie Daly (c) – June 2021


She Who Is, Is Not

She is not the first cause or unmoved mover. 
She is not a separate being who lives somewhere else.
She is not a being who loves. 
She is not the creator of the Universe
She is not a being we can talk about or identify in any way.
She does not exist. 

She Is all that Is and is not yet
and how it is and why it is. 
She is Source.
Fe/Male generativity throughout the cosmos; throughout planet Earth. 
She is power and pattern of interconnectedness;
Relationality within and throughout.
She is Supreme Longing and Belonging; Intimacy and Vulnerability;
She is Love freely chosen; alluring, evocative, exquisitely beautiful, poignantly tragic. 

She creates through mutual collaborative radiance.
Instantaneous, simultaneous, spontaneous cosmic creativity
so that all that is, is completely intertwined;
needing one another, wanting one another. 
Designed so that everything simultaneously is and is not
within ongoing personal, interpersonal, social, planetary, cosmic evolution. 

Why would She do such a thing? 
Because She does not know how not to love.
Profound desire for ‘the other’ expressed as we
continually consume, transform and procreate one another
in outrageous, explosive love energy.

She is not real.  She is Reality.  Diaphanous Presence.

She is “She” because all that is, issues from within Her body;
creating, gestating, birthing, feeding all that is; male and female alike. 
Created in Her image, She evolved in mammalian female consciousness
an opening to the new, to the possible:  to care.
Emotional resonance, Compassion. 
She gives Herself away because She cannot not love us. 

We are She. 

She will have Her way with us because we are branded
with self-reflective consciousness emerging within and toward Her. 
There is no end to this love story.  

Love has no bounds.  Love has no beginning and no ending.  All that is, is Love.
Our imaginings of time and space; life and death, are the boundaries of our illusions.
We are evolving now as our fragile, frightened protective egos
are challenged to grow into our greatness:  in service of Love.               

                                                                                                                                       Bernice Marie Daly ©– June, 2021