Chanukah and Cosmogenesis – Day 1

“Our present difficulty is that we envisage the universe simply in its physical dimensions. We have lost the awareness that the universe has from the beginning been a psychic-spiritual as well as material-physical reality. It has taken the entire course of the evolutionary process for the universe to find its expression in the florescence of living forms and in the various modes of consciousness that are manifested throughout Earth.”

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Embodied Spiritual Practices – Trance Postures

University on Ecstatic Trance Postures led by a Druid practitioner, James Lawer from NYC. How could I have missed an opportunity to participate in such an interesting event right in my own backyard (living only 20 miles from Princeton Campus)! If young students at Princeton were on to this form of embodied spiritual practice, I had to learn more. The session, which was described in an article from the Daily Princetonian, led me to do further online research about the Postures, and I eventually made the link back to Anthropologist Dr. Felicitas Goodman and the Cuyamungue Institute in Santa Fe, NM, which she founded to train practitioners in teaching these postures to those interested in this body-oriented practice.

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