• What’s being born in you?

    In these uncertain pandemic times, both environmentally, culturally, and geo-politically, this “Sleeping Lady” posture helps me remember to seek greater connection with Earth for guidance and support. The uncertainty I’m experiencing in life is a kind of darkness, not too unlike the darkness encountered in the subterranean Hypogeum burial pit where all that is unessential to a Soul is stripped away.

  • It’s magic to think of howOur lives come from the stars —The Seed of life is born inBurned out stars (Supernova)Who spread their dust around. Life flickersLike a firefly.Life connectsand attaches to different particleslike drops of rainenvelope the dry flowers of a dandelionblowing freely in the wind. To surprise usLife develops consciousness,a consciousness with no …

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  • Shadfish Image courtesy of Joseph Goldfedder (c) – see Home – ( Lovingkindness (Chesed) Now in this fourth day of the Counting of the Omer, a Jewish traditional practice of 49 days of reflection on the fundamental forces present in our Universe, I felt inspired this morning to write down what I heard from an early …

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  • Satellite imagery of Ukraine Putin’s Invasion – by Bernice Marie-Daly The trouble is that Presence loves unconditionally and we do not.And we don’t want to; and we don’t want to admit we don’t want to. We are afraid to learn to love even though we know that all we seek is the fullness of Love. To …

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